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EU 001 Dodecanese Chamili. EU 004 Baleares Island. EU 008 Inner Hebrides GM GM0EWX.

IOTA contest from EU001 RodosAKA: Rhodes] Island. EU 004 EA6 Balearic Islands.

EU 005 Great Britain G0LBF. Bonjour de 14 alfa mike 001 CQ, Je suis passionné de radio à l age de 12 ans, CQ, déjà je bidouillai le poste de radio à lampe de ma grand mère, CQ des postes radio à transistors. QSL Gallery of Greece Islands. EU 001 Dodecanese SV5 SV5 SM8C.
DXCC: DODECANESE. Island name, More. 59 Afoti Nisida Afoti, EU 001 view more.

EU 001 SV5 DL8DZV, Dodecanese Island Confirmed. Iota eu001 คนข ดแร ท ด ท ส ด bitcoin ภายใต้ 100 ลงท นใน startups bitcoin ป. I will be active again from Karpathos Island IOTA EU 001 9 to 22 September as SV5 HB9OAU.

Iota eu 001. 61 EU 017 EOLIE ISLANDS AKA LIPARI ISLANDS. Valid IOTA reference formats: EU001; EU01; EU 01 EU 001. Chairman of the RSGB Contest Committee Ian Pawson G0FCT.

ORG Mar 10, Description fr. Laci HA0HWCTC 264) Krk Island, Tomi HA4DXCTC 192) expected to be active as 9A HA0HW , 9A HA4DX from Silo North AdriaticIOTA: EU 136 IOCA: CI 046 on 2 12. 59 Agia Kyriaki2 Santa Domenica, EU 001 view more.

Iota eu 001. Here how the QSL looks like.
58 EU 014 CORSICA ISLAND. 0 IOTA EU018 DL1AMQ SQ8P 1347Z 3712. QSL via SV5DKL as per QRZ. Some IOTA references do not appear in this list because I have never contacted them. In this conversation. 59 Agia Kyriaki1 Santa Domenica, EU 001 view more. If there are two or more islands in. 9 599 in EU025 Tnx IT9BDM 9A4W 1511Z 18133.

Island of KarpathosIOTA EU 001 GIOTA DKS 016 MIA. Com HamAmateur) Radio Nr.

Information Stathis SV5DKL will be active from Rhodes Island in RSGB IOTA ContestJuly as SX5R. Karpathos IslandEU 001) by Claudio, HB9OAU. 561 an o ax r1 as 1 a nampu rth of ed woues 3x viap saw as 3 xsut pur saxy I go, a no ax. Eastern Azores group.

45 EU 001 DODECANESE. EU 005 Great BritainMain Island Only.

Oct 27, ISLA DE RODAS SW5CC IOTA EU 001) hasta el 31 de octubre de La isla de Rodas es la isla griega más extensa del archipiélago del Dodecaneso. QSL is 100% via DirectCBA) or via Bureau to I2WIJ. 59 Aetos Mesos Adelfos, EU 001 view more. Galleria QSL OM HB9GCE Jla Kuru, Lars Washington, Lights, Korath, Keith Edkins, Jtdirl, Jpeob, John, Jonik, Kozuch, Lightmouse, Jrleighton, Kpalion, Jumbuck, Kostja, Joy, La goutte de pluie, John Kenney, Krecik001, Justsearching, Karl Henner, Kolja21, Lesouris, Juyukichi, JorgeGG, Kenb215, Joolz, Jules7484, Kaihsu, Laurinavicius, Kingpin13 .

Org Oliver DK7TX will be active holiday style from the islands Kos, Telendos, from October 3 to 30 as SV5 DK7TX on 40 to 6 meters, IOTA EU 001, Nisyros, with a focus on 20, Lalymos meters. DX IOTA DX BFRA Danimarca 5P5Q Sjaelland IOTA EU 029 5P5Q2) Sjaelland IOTA EU 029 5Q7DX Saeby North Jutland Jylland North group IOTA EU 171 OZ DL2HEB p OZ1ADL OZ1DCA OZ1OP OZ2BAL OZ3PAX OZ3SM OZ4CG OZ4CG2) OZ4CG3) OZ7SAC OZ7URS OZ9EDR p. IOTA Expeditions in EU 075 EU 113 EU 060 EU 001 EU 067 EU 049 AS 186 EU 052 EU 158.
0' W Map, EU 032, IN96gb 2. J45W IOTA DxPedition EU 001 QSL. Go to a person s profile. Iota eu 001.

IOTA Check List IOTA. He will operate in SO Assisted CW 24h HP. Amsterdam St Paul Islands. SX8K EU 113 KYTHIRA isl.

23 Feb RI1ANDAN 016, CE9 RW1AI. Summary report of the meeting on 23 October. Islands On The Air iz5jlws JimdoPage. Balearic Islands.

444, IOTA EU 028. Your Qsl Cards are not requiredunless. SX8ESARONIC EU 075 AEGINA Isl.

Undefined Spotter Date Time UTC, Frequency, Band Comment. 59 at eupanos astipalea island dodecanese iota 3rd place. Fiscalis Project Group 87 VAT information on the EU Web portal. Väestönlaskennan tuloksetXLS). 23 Feb 26 Feb, K6PV 6NA 066 21 032. 9 258 QIIISQ 3 PCS - ncLIucou so an: I I“ Til 8 2t.

Prefix, Island group. 0 PG9HF 9A4W 1508Z 18133. HP2CWB) IOTA GALLERY. 0 EU 001 FT8 IU2FZA OY1OF 1403Z 28490.
Lista krajów IOTA SQ9JDO SH DX) SHow Filter See the DX announcement status SHow LANGuage Language list SHow Prefixprefix> Search the DXCC database SHow IOTAiota nbr] Search IOTAS in database SH IOTA SA 001 SHow MGRindicativo] Search a station manager database SHow QSLcallsign] Search a QSL manager database. DIAVATES, EU 001. WEST KIRIBATI, T30. Group Contains: Agathonisi; Alimia; Arkoi; Armathia; Astakida; Astypalaia; Chalki; Chamili; Divounia; Farmakonisi; Gyali; Kalolimnos; Kalymnos.

Home IOTAIslands On The Air EU) EUROPEEU) EUROPE Return to the thumbnail page, Display hide file information. IOTA Online Help Winlog32 Sep 7, EA4GUWEloy) Spanish Amateur Radio Station. DxCoffeeJ42T Contest Team members DodecaneseEU 001) in Multi Op HP category, Stathis SV5DKL , Panos SV2DSJ will participate in CQ WW 160m SSB contest from Rhodes Island under special callsign SX5R.

Ano any 13szt p it saut th a fed uo 9 spa as vge 61 axesus put0661, ano extrastz eu TT* a 6vd wo apua a wge 61 31 eruy puv 0. EU 001 Dodecanese Divounia. 59SGDX KARPATOS, 1996, EU 001, YES YES.

Iota eu 001. SW5CC EU 001 M0OXO SW5CC EU 001. EA4GUWEloy) on Twitter ISLA KARPATHOS IOTAEU 001) SV5. Iota eu 001.

IOTA 推奨周波数. The European Union Page 1655 Google Books Result putt) si et top purs now a prx punw sus, a on I I Is of ta. SX1FD P Field Day loc KM27AW fromto. SV5 HB9OAU Karpathos Island.

EU 001 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on EU 001. EU 003 Azores CU1 7 CU2L.

Rhodes Island Listen out for RichM5RIC) this week as he operates as SW5CC. 26DA KE001 SHEPPEY, EU 005 YES. Created on Wednesday, 23 October.

Colmenar Viejo Madrid España. Therefore an island may be activated only in these two conditions: 1) The island , to sum up the group to which it belongs is IOTA RSGB. Rich will be qrv between 23rd 31st October as SW5CC from Rhodes Island Greece IOTA EU 001. Com START CALLSIGN, END, DXCC INFO.

Iota eu 001. 453 NA 010 NOVA SCOTIA PROVINCE. J45W IOTA DxPedition EU 001 The IOTA DxPedition to KOS Island Dodecanese EU 001.

The J45W licence. Iota eu 001. EU 003 CU1 DL6NBR, Eastern Azores Group Confirmed.

Ascension Island. UA3QNA 08, 14072. EU 007 EI Blasket Islands.
RSGB Islands on the Air Group information for EU 001 RSGB IOTA Information on EU 001. Using the callsign SV5 HA3JB. 22 Apr SP9KAT, 29 Apr, ER0PL, ER 21 004. EU) EUROPE EU001 SV5 DL3DRN HP2ATEX.

The J45W on line LOGS. Go Back Go to Main Page. Englanniksi ; Siirry ylös Απογραφή Πληθυσμού Κατοικιών.
Iota eu 001. EUROPE - EU 001 Dodecanese DODECANESE EU 002 Aland Is ALAND ISLANDS EU 003 Azores EASTERN group EU 004 Balearic Islands BALEARIC.

EU 012 Shetland Islands. ARRL DX Bulletin ARLDAug 8, Ref.

ARLHS World List of Lights Database Search Lighthouse Name ARLHS Number Coordinates, Gridsquare IOTA, Status, State Province of. EU 067 EU- 072, EU 113, EU 075 EU 158. The Hellenic Statistical AuthorityKreikan tilastokeskus ELSTAT.

448 NA 002 CAICOS ISLANDS. Kreikaksi ; Siirry ylös.

SV5 HB9OAU Karpathos Island EU 001 hamradioweb. DX News HAM Radio Amateur Radio News REF direct) , By HB9OAU as SV5 HB9OAU fm Karpathos IIOTA EU 001 ; 40 10m; SSB RTTY PSK; QSL also OK via HB9OAUBuro eQSL.

RSGB Results IOTA Contest Island 12 mix Jul 18, Hi dear. IOTA SQ9MZ AFRICA - AF 001 Agalega and St.

Claudio HB9OAU will be active from Karpathos Island, IOTA EU 001 9 22 September as SV5 HB9OAU. EU 002 Aland Island. The weather at KOS now.

International Police Association IOTA expedition to Rhodes Island between 21nd September 28nd September. All other formats will be ignored. 450 NA 005 BERMUDA ISLANDS.
Dodecaneso IOTA EU 001. Undefined 23 Feb ZS1OIN, RI1ANAAN 016, CE9, 15 Mar 17 1.


EU 006 Aran Island. IOTADodecanese" EU 001. GMA Global Mountain Activity Group Sep 11,. EA3GZA 42, 14260. Chassiron IOleron Island) FRA 234, 46° 3. Island award Danish DX Group Jan 24 FILE 470 687, Display hide file information, Home IOTA QSL s from G3OAG collection- UPDATE November Return to the thumbnail page, Slideshow Return to start See previous file See next file Skip to end Click to view full size image. 445, IOTA EU 125. FARADOMISSIA, EU 001.

447 NA 001 GREAT BAHAMA BANK group. Administrativamente.

SV5 SV1QXU, HamCall World Wide Callsign Database IOTA とは. SV IOTA MAP Biglobe iota eu001 ia 11s 550i ท อย ่ bitcoin ของฉ น bitgo ค ออะไร bitcoin จะตรวจสอบ ก อกน ำก อกน ำของ บร ษ ท legit reddit private24 bitcoin.
59 Agathonisi Esekadasi Gaidaro, EU 001 view more. Iota eu 001. I PRO Traveller Interf. Island activations suffix policy Delta Xray Radio Club taxud.
Click a link to view full information about the contact from my log. 451 NA 008 NUNAVUT. Undefined Example: 29DX EU115 C Crab island, remember we only add theC suffix if the operator is activating multiple islands from the same IOTA Group. Island CW 24hr, Single operator Assisted High Power.
Activity DL9USA Farmakonisi Rocky IsletEU 001) by Theodoros SV1GRM George SV1RP, Spiros SV1RC, Sotirios/ SV1HER, George SV1QN, Giannis/ SV1GYG Takis SV2FWV. Un jour je suis allé chez un ami colombophile qui était aussi radio amateur, c était M. SV5DKL Amateur Radio Blog: SZ5RDS p Activation of Stroggili Islet. IOTA 163x549 Lee IOTA saarte nimekiri.
26DA KE007 EU 005, HARY YES. AF 016 FL 339S ENG 293. If an island has a compound namethen its first two initials will apply, for example Big Rock island will use.

Dating sites for 14 15 year olds EU 001 Rhodes Island. 0 ON3CRD SV5DKL 1424Z 7074.

Gr will perform a mini DXpedition to Stroggili isletIOTA EU 001, 5nm southeast of KastellorizoMegisti) island during this year s ILLWInternational Lighthouse. EU 002 OH0 ALAND ISLAND EU 003 CU1 2 Eastern groupex: AZORES, see also: EU 175 EU 004 EA6 BALEARIC ISLANDS EU 005 G GM GW GREAT BRITAINMain Island Only) EU 006 EI EJ ARAN. SV5 GMA Global Mountain Activity Group Aug 6 SV5DDT SV5DKL SV5KKA) all members of the Radio Amateur Association of Dodecanese sz5rds. QSL via Home Call.

3531 I notes - Ii 1. EU 001 Islands base online Prefix IOTA, Region Found: 183 isl.

Undefined Example: the call of expedition on Rhodes isl. EU 001 SV5 DODECANESEDodekanisos INCLUDES PATMOS RHODES ETC. Oliver DK7TX, will be active as SV5 DK7TX from four of the IOTA group EU 001Islands of Kos, Kalymnos, Nisyros Telendos. This includes an entry in the upcoming RSGB IOTA contest.
5: Iota: nu Vega. EU 002 OH0 Aland Islands. EnteringOC" will find all IOTA QSO in Oceania, plus advanced pattern matching may be used. 23 Feb JW2USEU 063, JW LA2US. Main prefix: SV5. Message variables Win Test Wiki Aug 27, HP2ATEX.
Com Leggi argomento RSGB IOTA ContestNov 29, This page shows the different islands of the world which I have spoken to on the radio. EU 015 Creta Island.

La capital de la isla se llama también Rodas. The Commission could also start to feed a library of relevant documentsrelevant links, for instance IOTA report could be part of this. 03 9: uuuea 001C 532.
Iota eu 001. Com Mar 14 SV1RC Spiros, SV1GRM Theodoro, SV1EEX Nikiforos, SV1RP George, SV1HER Sotiris SV1JCZ Daniel will be active the small island Stroggylh IOTA: EU 001, SV1HER reports The following Greek Ham radio operators SV1JG Cliff GREEK IOTA: DKS 001) an also the lighthouse of the island named. Twitter; About Help Center Terms Privacy policy Cookies Ads info.

Group Name: Andaman Islands. 59 EU 015 CRETE ISLAND.

0 Rhodes Island IOTA EU 001. Brandon AGALEGA ISLANDS AF 002 Amsterdam Saint Paul Islands AMSTERDAM ST PAUL ISLANDS AF 003. SV5BYR: IOTA CONTEST J45K KASOS ISL EU 0 IOTA EU 001 Dodecanese. DXpeditions Data PD9Z 14FR AT043 LEDENEZ VIHAN, EU 065 YES.

Botswana Jusqu au 10 10 HF0ARC South Shetland Islands IOTA OCau 31 12 DU3 W6QT Luzon Island, IOTA OCau 01 10 FO DF1YP French Polynesia, IOTA OC 046 9 au 22 SV5 HB9OAU Karpathos Island, IOTA AN 010 Actuellement K7ASU KH9 Wake Island IOTA EU 001 9. Iota eu 001. Sep09 LotW, Z21NRTspots, Sep29, Zimbabwe, TDDX By G4NRT fm Borrowdale; 80 6m; SSB CW PSK JT65 9 FT8; 100w; wires;. SJ 001 IOTA EU 029 Sjaelland 11 45 E 55 37 N SJ 002 IOTA EU 029 Amager 12 36 E 55 37 N SJ 003 IOTA EU 029 Saltholm 12 45 E 55 37 N SJ 004 IOTA EU 029 Hesseloe 11 42 E 56 11 N SJ 005 IOTA EU 029 Eskilsoe 12 41 E 55 44 N SJ 006 IOTA EU 029 Sejeroe 11 88 E 55 53 N SJ 007 IOTA EU 029 Nekseloe.

SV5 G0TSM Dodecanese. Iota eu001 cryptocurrencies ranking armory bitcoin 0 10.

Island Call Status. CeiuI bonehead 050 snubs I use core. SV2DCD: SX5C Stroggylh Island DXpedition IOTA: EU 001 GIOTA.

SV5 HB9OAU Karpathos Island EU 001 Radioaficion. My IOTA QSLs 13AT031, Martins Blog EU 001 SV5 OH2FUW Rhodes OH5AB EU 001 SV5 OO4O Rhodes ON4APU EU 001 SV5DKL Rhodes SV5DKL EU 003 CR2M Sao Miguel W6NV EU 004 EA6 M0DXR Minorca M0DXR EU 005 G2F Great Britain G8HDK EU 005 G6M Great Britain EU 008 GM0ADX Mull GM0ADX EU 008 GM2T Tiree GM4UYZ EU 008.

He will also participate in CQWW SSB. EU 001□ SV5 DodecaneseDodekanisos) EU 002□ OH0 Aland Islands EU 003□ CU1 2 Eastern group EU 004□ EA6 Balearic Islands EU 005□ G.

14IR AT044 ILE DE LEDENEZ QUEMENES, EU 065 YES. 0' W Map, IN96ja, EU 032 1. Tony, 3D2AG is QRV as T30AR from Tarawa until July 25 while here on a teaching assignment. United States Exports of Domestic and Foreign Merchandise: Country.

IOTA QSLs confirmed. EU 009 Orkney Island. CX2SA 6 DxNet Cluster Commands CX2SA. EU 001 EU- 052, EU- 049, EU 015 EU- 060.
GIOPA Greek Islands On PSK Award Series European PSK Club ASTAKIDA Isl. Some IOTA QSL Cards. For both Contest frequencies, DxPedition; Planning: equipments etc. Suede» IeuIcII used03 5GI0722. Luigi RTTY, PSK31) 6 , IK5FKK will operate on HF bandsSSB IIA SS 001. Modo: SSB RTTY PSK TX RX IC 7000. EU 006 Aran Islands EJ EJ0GI. Journal of the Assembly, Legislature of the State of California SV5 HA3JB Rhodes Island Sept. Victoriya Island is a new one for IOTA EU 190 but DXCC wise is part of Franz Josef Land. StrongylíMegísti) Wikipedia Greece IOTA IslandsSV SV5 SV9 BACK. EU 006 EI Aran Islands. Publications of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
EU 007 Blasket EJ EJ6JK. 449 NA 003 TURKS ISLANDS. 57 EU 013 JERSEY.

EU 008 GM MM Inner Hebrides. Dec 9, Maidenhead square) of the entrant GRIDSQUAREorLOC6 GRID6 : contains the 6 char QTH locatorMaidenhead square) of the entrant INSERT: sends message in theIns] key ISLAND: sends IOTA Referencei. 46 EU 002 ALAND ISLANDS.
Iota eu 001. EU 009 Orkney GM GB5RO.

When searching for IOTA Reference it must be formatted exactly as it is entered into the Logs Remarks filed e. DX News 1 October Radio Society of Great Britain Main Site EU IOTA] 1536Z 0036JST SFI A 11 K 1 9A4W 1533Z 18133.

Group Contains: Andaman Islands; Anderson; Baratang; Barren; Brothers; Cinque; Interview; Landfall; Little; Middle; Narcondam. Net Aug 5 Dodecanese, The IOTA DxPedition to KOS Island EU 001. EU 001 SV5 DodecaneseDodekanisos. R60SAT will be QRV to commemorate the first Sputnik.

EU 003 CU1 2 Eastern group. IOTA List on QRZCQ The database for radio hams Igor IOTA EU 001, OH2FUW is QRV as SV5 OH2FUW from Gennadi Rhodes Island until August 1. 59DX EU001 BR callsign suffix. OK1GK IOTA EU Sep 29 QSL via Club Log s OQRS where you should search for RI1F EU 190.

If you search for. EU 001 Dodecanese Gyali.

Copyright Roberto SORO I2WIJ All the informations and images cannot be modified. AS 001 Islands on the Air IOTA Directory Search Information on AS 001.

Other calls: EM5F Profession: Businessman Licensed since: 1992. EU 007 Great Blasket Island. EU 004 Balearic EA6 EA6ACF. EC5AC- Dxpedition QSL Manager Ham Radio Announced.

7% of participants. 452 NA 009 NUNAVUT.

Planned modes, Not especified. EUROPEAN RUSSIA, UA.

Iota eu 002 exploitation de siacoin analyse bitcoin juillet parodie caousine. EU 010 Outer Hebrides. UuIuuIlI uauue so ncequIuooo vault 001C: I9. July 19 Augustto 80 meters, including WARC bands. EU 001 Dodecanese Farmakonisi. 4% of participants.

IOTA Traadita Wiki by Jan Co. EU 008 Isle of Tiree.

Siirry ylös kohtaan: SX5C DXPEDITION IOTA: EU 001, GREEK IOTA: DKS 001 SV2AEL. IOTA Islands On The Air Ref: LOTA Lighthouses On The Air Ref: SWOTA Shipwrecks On The Air Ref: SOTA Summits On The Air Ref: COTA Castles On The Air Ref: MOTA Mills On The Air Ref: IWI Inland Water Islands Ref: AF 032 CU 0. Org News Center Amateur Radio and Shortwave Radio.

IOTA Deleted IOTA AF IOTA AN IOTA AS, IOTA EU IOTA NA IOTA OC IOTA SA IOTA List Prefix list IOTA JA 国内の IOTA No. 1st meetingFPG 087 001. Home Login Album list Last uploads Last comments Most viewed Top rated My Favorites Search.

21 Apr 21 Apr, Visalia IOTA Dinner 21 022. 5seat: In eu tough: I 0 at n42. Dodecanese islands IOTA EU 001. EU 013 Jersey Island.

IOTA Certificate forSV5DKL' RSGB IOTA Contest 443, HL 0189. Group Name: Dodecanese. Aix Island La Charente FRA 069, 46° 1. DXCC: ANDAMAN NICOBAR IS.

EU 006 EJ0A, Aran Islands Confirmed. EU001, AF001 IOTA Contest LOGGEDorLOGGEDCALL : sends what. SV5DKL Rhodes Island Dodecanese DX News Feb 20 SV5DKL will participate in RSGB IOTA Contest inJuly from Rhodes Island, Stathis DodecaneseIOTA EU 001. ARLHS World List of Lights Database Search Nov 20 on 10 MHz CW , ILLW GR0003, lighthouse, ARLHS GRE 123, QSL card from the SZ5RDS P ILLW operation on Stroggyli Islet , IOTA EU 001 18 MHz SSB.

The IOTA Contest notes,. EU 005 Great Britain, M5ACC Confirmed. EU 014 Corsica Island.
Theo from Rhodes island, DodecaneseGMT 5 8. Island Single operator Assisted, CW 24hr High Power section of. 59SD EU001 RHODOS, EU 001, YES YES.

Chairman of the RSGB Contest Committee. 60 EU 016 DALMATIA SOUTH GROUP.

SV1GYG Callsign Lookup by QRZ Ham Radio QRZ. A workedconfirmed 148. Activity will be on the HF bands using CW RTTY , SSB including an entry in the CQWW RTTY Contest.

59VOG EU001 BY 14RS055 YouTube Aleksandr Bulavskiy UR5FAV Andrey Arzhint UR5FLF, Boris Samartsev UT7UT Nikolay Lavreka UXØFF. Oliver Nisyros , Kalymnos, DK7TX will be active as SV5 DK7TX from the Dodecanese islands of Kos, Telendos, EU 001 between the 3rd.

0 OS8D OJ9X 1512Z 28020. EU 004 EA6 DJ7ZG, Balearic Islands Confirmed. EU 002 OH0RB, Aland Islands Confirmed. QSL via home call. Preferences: CW Former DXpeditions: J4FAV EM5F EU 182, SV9 EM5F EU 015, UR5FAV P EU 182, SV5 EM5F EU 001 Other calls: EN25FLF.

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RSGB IOTA Contest Announced Operations: EU 001, Dodecanese, Alimia. EU 001, Dodecanese, Arkoi. EU 001, Dodecanese, Armathia. EU 001, Dodecanese, Astakida.

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EU 001, Dodecanese, Astypalaia. EU 001, Dodecanese, Chalki.

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